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Our Vision & Mission

Troopers specialises in part-time recruitment, human resource management and event consulting. From manpower, to the full A-Z planning of your next corporate event, branding exercise, or roadshow, Troopers is at your service.

Our vision is to create and unleash the full potential of a student work force by realising each and every students’ unrealised potential to accomplish greatness through the guidance and supervision of a team of experienced managers and recruiters.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality and talent. A well-trained work force with a strong work ethic to perform at their utmost best is what we strive to supply.

Manpower Solution

Need manpower but do not want to spend huge amounts of money? Tell us and leave the rest to us. We make magic happen..

Creative Solutions

Don’t crack that brain of yours overthinking everything. Let us put our creative caps on and solve your problems. We can be creative.

Building Companies

We are good at what we do and you’ll find out after trying us out. Give it a shot. We like to help build and grow together with companies from ground up.


Manpower Solutions

  • Event Crews
  • Ushers/Usherrettes
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Roving Teams
  • Promoters
  • Acquisition Team

Talent Management

  • Emcees
  • Singers
  • Live Bands
  • Industry KOLs
  • Social Media Influencers

Building Companies

  • Roadshows
  • In-Mall Events/Promotions
  • User Acquisition Specialists
  • Fulfilment Specialist

Events & Fabrication

  • Venue Set-up
  • Lightings
  • Sound Systems
  • Roadshow and Promotional Booths
  • Backdrops


“Here in Troopers, I was able to polish my interpersonally skills and sales techniques. Supervisors always had had our backs, and they never stopped encouraging and pushing us forward to reach beyond our set goals.”


Ke Xin Choi Student

“Building the nation by nurturing relations to inspire generations and reigniting our passions!”


Jack Cha Student

“Working under Troopers has always been a great chance for me to grow professionally and personally.”


Yen Li Student

“Troopers made me understand the quote 'Why fit in when you can stand out'.”


Wong Chew Yi Student

“The only company that positively disrupts the freelance industry through the empowerment of freelancers.”


Mun Hong Student

“A company that is more like a family and has given me the privilege of becoming part of it. This family has given me knowledge and experience which I can apply in everyday life to better myself.”


Idyna Saw Student

“Troopers has given me an all unique productive experience that tailored by the most loving people I’ve known! Who would had thought working feels like hanging out with your friends!”


Lee Jo Dee Student

Fun Facts

300 Biggest headcount fulfilled within 24 hours
83298 Users acquired
12387 Number of people empowered
80 Companies engineered

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